About My Site

About Me:
Hey! My name is Christy. I am an accountant by day and an avid reader by night (and any other free minutes that I find). To me, reading is a virtual vacation, escape to another world, and a chance for a new adventure each time I open a book cover. 

About my Blog:
Since I love to read books and love to write reviews about them, I decided to start a blog to share them with other book lovers and interested readers. I review new and old books in various genres. The genres that I typically read are: young adult (YA), historical-fiction, fantasy, historical-romance, sci-fi, mysteries, action/adventure, and really any others that I can usually get my hands on...

I love it when I can get advanced reader copies (ARCs) and share my review of an un-released new adventure with other eager readers. I typically read those first, so that I can share them before they are available in the store. Nothing beats an ARC!

Rating Scale:
1 - A Boring Read
2 - A Mediocre Read
3 - A Good Read
4 - A Great Read
5 - A Must Read

Happy Reading!