Sunday, July 18, 2010

Angel Star by Jennifer Murgia

Author: Jennifer Murgia
Publish Date: May 18, 2010
ISBN: 9780982500538
List Price: $10.99
My Rating: 5 out of 5

Trailer: Angel Star Trailer

Angel Star is the first book from Jennifer Murgia, a brilliant new YA author. What if you met your guardian angel? What would happen if you fell in love with him?

It is a story about a girl with a normal life going to school and dreaming about what all girls dream about...the perfect boy to come along and fall in love. Teagan never imagined a world beyond her own. Until…a transfer student appears and shares with her a secret no other human knows. There are angels, guardian angels, that are there our entire lives. Teagan’s guardian angel, Garreth, is allowed to reveal himself and the world of angels to her only because Teagan has powers unknown to her that will help save humanity.

Teagan learns that Garreth has given up his wings and will become human in eight days in order to declare his love for her and prepare her for the darkness. Garreth will no longer be able to protect her as he has all her life from the shadows. The struggle between the light and the dark become personal when those around her are touched by the darkness.

Can Teagan grasp her hidden power and hold on to her true love, or will the darkness overcome her and lead her down a dark path? Temptation to do so is strong, but can Teagan harness her powers to see the Truth?

Hadrian, a dark angel, is very alluring and beautiful in his in own right. She encounters Hadrian in a painful struggle to save Garreth, her guardian angel. In the end she has to choose between Garreth and Hadrian … learning that some people have more than one angel. Could one of them be a dark angel that pulls at the darkness within us?

The story pauses at this point where Teagan knows that Hadrian is watching her too. Lemniscate (2011), the sequel to Angel Star, will continue Teagan’s story…

I could not put this book down. It was fast paced, action packed, with a brilliantly woven love story… This book is one of my new favorite-must-keep books and I am eagerly looking forward to the sequel. I look forward to reading more of Jennifer's book in the future. She has a fantastic and imaginative writing style, which paints the most detailed scenic pictures. I could picture the stone chapel in the woods and every scene Teagan experienced.

Wonderful book, Jennifer! Congratulations on realizing a dream. I truly look forward to many more books from you...

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