Friday, July 23, 2010

Queen of This Realm: The Tudor Queens (Queens of England, #2) by Jean Plaidy

Author: Jean Plaidy
Publish Date: May 18, 2004
Website: Goodreads - Jean Plaidy
ISBN: 9780609810200
List Price: $14.95
My Rating: 4 out of 5

Jacket synopsis:
In this "memoir" by Elizabeth I, legendary historical novelist Jean Plaidy reveals the Virgin Queen as she truly was: the bewildered, motherless child of an all-powerful father; a captive in the Tower of London; a shrewd politician; a lover of the arts; and eventually, an icon of an era. It is the story of her improbable rise to power and the great triumphs of her reign—the end of religious bloodshed, the settling of the New World, the defeat of the Spanish Armada. Brilliantly clever, a scholar with a ready wit, she was also vain, bold, and unpredictable, a queen who commanded—and won—absolute loyalty from those around her.

My comments:
I thought this was an excellent historical romance. I love reading about Queen Elizabeth I and thought this book was a wonderful story, partially including real history, but also always touching on the missed romances that Elizabeth had throughout her reign. I like the way that Jean Plaidy writes. Her written voice is easy to follow, exciting, and educating. She includes not only the romance realm, but also insight into the politics of her reign and never-ending fight for her crown by usurpers, foreign princes, and distant family members. It is an insightful read about Elizabeth’s inner voice and emotional turmoil that she endured throughout her reign.

I look forward to reading more of Plaidy's books in her series titled the Queens of England. The Tudor Saga Series also looks very intriguing.

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